School Uniform

At Southway we encourage children to wear school uniform to show they are a proud part of our school community.
Uniform Requirements


White polo shirt / white blouse

Navy blue sweatshirt / cardigan with logo

Dark grey / navy / black skirt or school style trousers

Navy fleece with logo (optional)

Black / suitable shoes (leather look) – no boots / heels / backless sandals / canvas shoes

Black/grey/navy/white socks or tights

Summer Option:

Blue/White striped or checked dress


White polo-shirt / white shirt

Navy blue sweatshirt with logo

Dark grey / black trousers or shorts

Navy fleece with logo (optional)

Black / suitable shoes (leather look) – no boots / canvas shoes

Black / grey / navy / white socks




PE Uniform

House colour T-shirt with school logo

Royal blue shorts

Sweatshirt with school logo

Plimsolls or trainers are required for field or playground games

Track-suit for outdoor PE in cold weather

(preferably navy blue / black)

A cloakroom bag for PE

Football boots are not compulsory but may be bought if desired

Swimming Kit

One piece Swimming costume for girls

Trunks or short swimming shorts for boys (not baggy Bermuda type shorts)

Swimming hat (compulsory for all)


All in a named bag


Swimming hats can be purchased from the School Office



All footwear must be black leather look shoes with no logos, discernible markings i.e. logos etc, and with black soles.  Children should not wear heels, boots, backless sandals or canvas shoes.  Boots are any footwear which extends beyond the ankle.  Should any pupil come to school in footwear which does not conform to the uniform policy, we reserve the right to change pupils into school provided plimsolls.



For Health and Safety reasons we do not allow children to wear jewellery in school. The exceptions to this rule are one pair of plain earring studs in pierced ears, jewellery of a religious nature, a watch and MedicAlert bracelets.

Stud earrings should be removed or recently pierced ears should be taped over with a plaster / micro-pore tape (provided by parents) for PE and swimming and watches removed to prevent them causing injury.  Note: staff will not put earring studs, etc. back in if the child cannot manage it.



Hairstyles should be reasonable and appropriate for being in a learning environment at school.  Extreme hairstyles would include shaved patterns in the scalp, Mohicans and unnaturally coloured dyes. Such hairstyles are not acceptable at school.  Hair should not be shaven shorter than a number 2.  All children, girls and boys, are required to have their hair tied back, if long enough, for PE, DT and cookery lessons.  Hairbands and hair ties etc should be plain with no flowers, bows or other embellishments.


Birthdays and non-uniform

We like to recognise and celebrate children’s birthdays at Southway knowing that it means so much to them so as a birthday treat children will be allowed to wear non-uniform on their birthday in school.  If their birthday falls on a weekend or during the holidays, children may wear non-uniform on the closest school day to their birthday.  Children should not wear any shirts / sweatshirts with slogans and / or images which may cause offense, short skirts and bare-midriffs are not permitted.


As regards the school logo, as long as your child wears the correct school colours we do not insist on having the school logo.  However, the items do have to be completely plain and free of any other logo/brand name.


Our uniform is available from:

Monkhouse Schoolwear - Haywards Heath

Unit’s 1&2 Bridge Road Business Park

Bridge Road

Haywards Heath

RH16 1TX

Tel: 01444 227066

Order via website:

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