2015 - 2016

Feedback from Parents 2015 / 2016

In November 2015, we sent a brief questionnaire to parents/carers requesting their feedback on their child’s experience of the transfer from The Gattons to Southway.  We received 32 responses out of a possible 90.  A copy of the questionnaire can be viewed below.

82% of responses rated all elements of the transition process as “GOOD”.  16% rated all elements as “GOOD”, except ‘uniform arrangements’ which they rated as “SATISFACTORY”.  1 parent rated the uniform process as “POOR”.

On a scale of 1 – 5 (with 1 being ‘easy’ and 5 being ‘difficult’) the following responses were received regarding how their child found the transfer process :

  • 54% rated the transfer process easy (rating of 1).
  • 31% gave a rating of 2.
  • The remaining 15% rated the transfer process as 3 (mid-way between easy / difficult).

Below is a selection of comments/feedback from parents on their experience

Things that made the transfer easier

  • Transition visits to the school.
  • Buddies from Year 3.
  • Meeting the teacher before they joined and knowing which classroom they would be in.
  • Lots of information and good communication between Gattons and Southway.
  • Spending lunchtime at Southway.
  • Maintaining the same class as at The Gattons.
  • Constant communication between parents, schools and teachers.

 What we could do differently / better next time?

  • Allow the children to go through the main gates with the rest of the school sooner.
  • Allow them to enter school through small playground until after half term.
  • Teachers to be at main gate for the first few weeks after they move from playground drop off.
  • Flexibility for purchasing uniform elsewhere (x 3).
  • More time available to collect uniforms.
  • More visits from new teacher teaching the class at Gattons.
  • The transition seemed to be very well planned.
  • Better access to class teachers at an earlier stage.
  • The more opportunities they have to visit Southway the better.
  • Make more use of the buddying system especially during the first few weeks of term.
  • Nothing (x 10)

Any other comments

  • Overall very good.
  • It would be good for the parents to meet the teacher before September (x2).
  • Very happy with transition, my child seems quite settled.
  • Discipline expectations are higher at Southway – maybe children should be made aware of these expectations.
  • Happy with school and transition.
  • We think that yourselves and The Gattons did a fantastic job of organising the transition between the two schools.  As parents we really appreciated it.  Thank you!
  • Seamless, professional, exceeded my expectations.
  • The process of going into the classroom in the morning was much quicker – which I feel was better.  Thank you for listening to last year’s comments.